“The Geller Center is a place to teach communication, compassion, bravery, discovery, and individual agency. To provide a place to go to relieve the stress and confusion of the modern world.”

~ Geller Center Participant


Our mission is to support young adults and emerging leaders develop the foundations they need to build and strengthen communities dedicated to peace and justice.


Just communities.


Whole Person Development

We support participants’ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Leadership Skill Development

We teach young people the essential skills that they need to pursue their leadership goals, such as relationship building, authentic communication, and advocacy.

Relationship Building

Participants cultivate meaningful personal and professional relationships that may last a lifetime.


Rev. Robert Geller

The history of the Geller Center dates back to Rev. Bob Geller’s move to Fort Collins in 1962. Originally named the United Campus Ministry, the organization began as a Presbyterian campus ministry for Colorado State University. Under Rev. Geller’s direction, the organization followed a national movement to de-emphasize the differences between denominations and promoting ecumenism. During Rev. Peggy Christianson’s leadership, the organization was renamed the Geller Center for Spiritual Development to honor Rev. Geller’s 30+ years of service and continue advancing the growth towards an interfaith organization.

The organization has been the launching point of many progressive nonprofits, student groups, and community programs over the years, including the Fort Collins Interfaith Council, Fort Collins Food Bank, Turning Point, CSU Hillel Ministry, CSU International Student House, Student Alcoholics Anonymous & Al-Anon, and many more.

The Geller Center has gone through many transitions over the years, but the spirit of the Geller Center remains. We continue to follow in Rev. Geller’s footsteps by embracing the tenants of open doors & open hearts, curiosity & compassion, bringing people together, and service to the community. Learn more about the spirit of the Geller Center here.


  • Peace and justice
  • Worth and dignity of all people
  • Social and environmental justice
  • Community
  • Personal growth
  • The well-being of mind, body, and spirit

“Go in love
Keep your faith
Give your faith away
Work hard
Play enough
Laugh often
Make peace
Hang loose
And may you walk in the
Shalom of your God this day
And all of your days
So be it”
-The Rev. Dr. Robert A. Geller