“Our whole self uses not only our rational mind (our head) but our emotions (our heart) and our intuition (our gut).”
~Renelle Darr


Guide teens and young adults in Northern Colorado on their journeys to grow as leaders for positive community change.


Emerging leaders have the foundation they need to build and/or strengthen communities dedicated to democracy, peace, and social and environmental justice.


Whole Person Development

We support participants’ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Leadership Skill Development

We teach young people the essential skills that they need to pursue their leadership goals, such as relationship building, authentic communication, and advocacy.

Relationship Building

Participants cultivate meaningful personal and professional relationships that may last a lifetime.


  • Peace and justice
  • Worth and dignity of all people
  • Social and environmental justice
  • Community
  • Personal growth
  • The well-being of mind,┬ábody, and spirit

“Go in love
Keep your faith
Give your faith away
Work hard
Play enough
Laugh often
Make peace
Hang loose
And may you walk in the
Shalom of your God this day
And all of your days
So be it”
-The Rev. Dr. Robert A. Geller