The Moral Journey toward Care of the “Other” in the Jewish and Christian Traditions

Date: January 24
Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Location: Plymouth Congregational
Host: World Wisdoms Project

How does our inner moral/ethical core grow? Are there predictable developmental growth patterns in all individuals? Do we always move forward in our moral/ethical growth? What role does personal choice have in our development? International Studies PhD student, Sophie Schor of the University of Denver and Pastors Susan and Steve Ortman – Goering of Fort Collins Sojourn Mennonite community will share by personal story their growing awareness of the “other”. Sophie will focus on the historical fractiousness of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the Middle East and Pastors Susan and Steve Goering will focus on current immigration issues via their local efforts in the ISSAC Coalition. Time for individual reflection/discussion will be provided within this presentation.