John Forrest
Officer Position: President
Student, Front Range Community College
Geller Leader

“I discovered that the Geller Center is a gathering place that uniquely connects people to their own inner workings, to new people sharing that same space, to the community outside, and to the natural living world. I fell in love with building these connections in myself and with others. I feel that there is so much to learn about empathy, communication, and growth with one another. I’m fortunate to have a place contributing to this extraordinary organization and the community within.”

Sean Simpson
Vice President
Graduate, Colorado State University
Geller Leader

“The Geller Center has a special place in my heart, it’s the first space that brought me into contact with a community of people who shared stories, emotions, and the deep inter-working of their being which struck me as unquestionably real and authentic. It was through direct connection with this sort of open vulnerability and exploration that I had the courage and felt the support to begin to open up into more of my own truths. I want everyone to have the opportunity to feel a sense of connection and worth through community support so that they can be supported to grow into their fullest potential, this is what the Geller Center means to me.”

Sue Ferguson
Retired Nonprofit Leader

Ben Story
Board Member
Transition Facilitator, The Matthews House

“In a world of increasing polarization we need leaders who will humbly listen to the stories of those who are ‘other’ and be willing to create safe spaces were all are heard, valued, and championed in their journeys. The Geller Center exemplifies this and I am privileged to support them in their work.”

Elissa Tivona
Board Member
Professor, Colorado State University

Jim Weber
Board Member
Senior Staff Counselor, Colorado State University